Czech Manufacturer of hotel and home textiles

Czech manufacturer of hotel and home textiles

The company Frolen, Linex - Export was established in 1992 by buying out the production part of the state-owned textile facility called Texlen. We still maintain our textile production - i.e. weaving and sewing of natural textiles.

We focus on products made from linen, cotton and bamboo yarns. Our production is divided into 3 basic sections (markets):

  1. Export production - products are exported mainly to EU countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, France, Great Britain, etc.), but also a considerable part to the USA.
    The main export items are linen and semi-linen lining fabrics, linen, twill and Jacquard towels, work towels, semi-linen terry towels and bath towels, wash cloths, aprons and potholders, bed linen, etc. 

  2. Products intended for hotels - towels, bath towels, bath mats, bathrobes, bed linen, pillows, cushions, dishcloths, etc. 

  3. Products intended for the domestic network - towels, bath towels, bath mats, washcloths, bed linen, towels, etc.

Our weaving mill has modern needle looms as well as practical shuttle looms.

Our values are reliability and quality. Our acquired knowledge in textile engineering is complemented by the years of experience of our predecessors. More than 40% of our production is exported, which motivates us to supply products in stable first-class quality, with affordable delivery times. The wide range of products is flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

Natural fiber products – currently especially linen or semi-linen products are gaining popularity. It is not only a trendy issue, but its popularity is increasing mainly due to its ecological concept. Flax does not deplete the soil and grows relatively quickly without the use of unsuitable pesticides. But even cotton fibers, yarns, bamboo products, can leave a minimal carbon footprint compared to man-made fibers, if properly prepared.

How to contact us: please call us, we speak English, Czech and Slovak, or feel free to send us email

Ing. Vlastimil Duch (Director)
+420 603 501 914

  • Address: Stárkov 169
  • Postal Code: 549 36
  • City: Stárkov   (Czech Republic)
  • Identification Number (IČ): 45539944
  • Tax Identification Number (DIČ): CZ45539944
  • Phone Numbers: +420 603 501 914
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